Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Crochet wristband-bracelet pattern

I have recently become obsessed with wide wristband-bracelets, especially crochet ones. I couldn't find a pattern that was exactly what I I made my own!

Using embroidery floss and 4 mm hook:

Ch 4. Connect to beginning ch with sl st to form a loop.
 DC 15 in loop. Sl st to join in first st.
Ch 5, sl st in 2nd DC from hook. Repeat around, sl st to join in the base of first ch 5.
SC 9 in ch5sp, sl st in sl st from previous round. Repeat around.
(The next bit can be a little tricky...follow pattern closely even if it doesn't make sense, it will turn out!)
*Ch 6. Sl st on top of petal. Ch 6. Sl st in sl st of previous round. TURN. Sl st 3 up ch 6. TURN. Ch 3. Sl st on top of petal.* Repeat from  *to*. Sl st in 3rd chain to join.
Ch 3. DC 3 in ch space. *DC 6 in ch space. DC 4 in in next ch 3 space.*  Repeat from *to* around. Sl st to ch3 to join.
Switch to complimenting color.
Chain 2. DC 10. Ch 2 and turn. Repeat until bracelet is desired length, including flower design. Sl st to opposites end to create bracelet and FO.

I'd make it a little snug, as it will stretch a little.

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