Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DIY Candy Corn Shirt

 One of the best things about fall (according to my mom! ;) ) is CANDY CORN! Create a cute candy corn shirt easy peasy with this tutorial.


  • White t-shirt
  • Acrylic or Poster paint
  • Large metal or glass bowl (A plastic one may stain.)

Add 1/2 cup of yellow paint to 4 cups of water in your bowl and stir well.

Soak 2/3 of your shirt in the paint mixture for 15 minutes.

Wring out the excess paint.

Add 1/2 cup of orange paint to 4 cups of water and mix well. Soak the lower 1/3 of your shirt for 15 minutes.

Tada!! Lay out your shirt to dry for an hour or two on a non-stainable surface.


                                                               Dry on high heat to seal in the color.
                                                                   Wash for the first time by itself.

The orange faded on my shirt because I didn't mix the paint and water enough. I wouldn't wash it often or the colors will fade. HAVE FUN! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Fall Project

It's officially FALL!! I thought it would be fitting to post this tutorial on how to make pumpkin puree from your own homegrown pumpkins. This pumpkin is my first pumpkin EVER from my own garden! (I have a slight obsession with pumpkins, so this is very exciting for me! :) )

(Isn't it beautiful?!) Cut the stem off and cut in half.

Scoop out the seeds and innards of the pumpkin. (My chickens will have a heyday tonight!!)

Cut a half circle shape on either end of the pumpkin and poke a couple holes in it.

Place upside down on a foil-lined baking sheet.

Bake at 350*F for 1 hour. 

The skin should be golden brown. 

See the syrup oozing out? Mmmmm.

Let it cool.

The skin should peel off easily. If not, scoop out the pumpkin with a spoon.

Place in a blender...

...and puree it. 

Tada! Lovely orange homemade pumpkin puree! Use it in place of canned pumpkin in any recipe. 

Make sure to puree it very well, especially if it is going to be used for pumpkin pie. Once someone has had stringy homemade pumpkin anything, for some reason they are very hesitant to try it again!! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

No Sew, 5 Minute Fall Fashion!

I'm back with another fall fashion idea! This time, however, it is not about refashioning - it's a no sew project that only takes 1 yard of fabric!! How cool is that!?


  • 1 yard of fleece 
  • scissors
  • belt

Lay out your fleece and fold it in half.

Mark where you want your neckline to be and cut it out. 

Put your to-be-shirt on and mark how high or low you want your waistline to be. Cut 2 slits 12 inches from the sides. Repeat on the back and you are done! 

Add a belt and boots and you're lookin' good! You could hem the sides and or neckline if you wanted, but if you have a no-fray fabric then you'll be fine. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Easy Sweater Refashion

Here is another easy sweater refashion! This sweater was very comfortable and my favorite color, but I didn't like the style. I fixed it up very easy and quickly.

Materials needed:

  • Old Sweater
  • 2"x 8" strip of fabric x2
  • 2 buttons

Before picture!

Cut out desired neckline (Scoop, v-neck, ect.) and hem. 
Hem 2 long sides and 1 short side of your strip of fabric. Starting 1 inch from the end, fold corner to the inner edge of the hem on the other side like shown:

Keeping that corner down, fold other corner to the edge so that you make a point on one end of the fabric. Sew down.

Right side and wrong side of the two strips of fabric. Cut a buttonhole near the point of each one.

Fold the cuff of your sweater up twice and insert your strip wrong side up. Position it so you can fold it up and button it right above the cuff. Hand sew in place. Add a button, repeat on other sleeve, and you're done!

Hasta la vista! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Old Sweater Refashion

I can't wait for fall. Sweaters and hot cocoa, crisp mornings, beautiful colors. Unfortunately, I still have at a whole week to wait! :) However, it's not too soon to start fall clothing shopping, or, refashioning! I have a couple sweaters from last year that will need some help in order to be wearable. I started today with a sweater that is a gorgeous color, but the neckline said, "old". Of course, I forgot to take a before picture!

  • Old sweater
  • Your choice of fabric measuring 12" X 40"

Finished product!

Start by cutting a v-neck into the front of the sweater. (Make sure it's ONLY the front. I accidently cut through both layers but managed to save it!) 

Gather the 2 short edges and 1 long edge of your fabric. Hem the other long edge.

Pin your fabric to your sweater right sides facing. Start by matching 1 short edge to the V of the 
v-neck, leaving about 4 inches of sweater from the shoulder as pictured. Make sure the hemmed edge is facing up.

Once it is all pinned, sew!

Bring the short edge that is has not been sewn down to the 4" of sweater left. Sew together, right sides together.

Now, there will be a V where the fabric is not yet connected. Measure 5" from the center of the V and pin, right sides together. Sew and you're done!