Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mini hairclip crossbows!

I found some DIY mini hairclip cross bows and revised it to make it even simpler and easier!
What you'll need:
  • A handful of popsicle sticks
  • Hot glue sticks and gun
  • Embroidery floss
  • Hairclip (picture below.)
  • optional sharpie marker.
Cut your sticks using the measurements quantities shown.

If you want to, color them with a sharpie marker.

Take a long rail (top), 2 spacers, (bottom) and handle. (right)

Glue the handle to the very edge of the long rail. Glue the spacer flush against the handle. Add the second spacer on top of the first, making sure the top matches up. Glue the spacers below the top of the rail so your ammo will fit.(See below.)


Take the second long rail and glue to the other side.

This is the type of hairclip you will need.

Bend the thin middle piece back until it breaks cleanly. It should break easily.(See my black fingertips from coloring? :) )
Take one bow support (one of the two shortest pieces) and mark the middle. Glue the two hairclips with the middle broken out onto the spacer, matching the ends with the middle of the bow support.

Sandwich the hairclips with the second bow support.

Clue the bow part you just made onto the end of the ret of the crossbow.

Carefully cut a small nick at the back of the bow so the drawstring will stay.

Take your choice color of embroidery floss and wrap it around the bow part. This really adds stability.

Tie your drawstring across the bow. There should be a hole on the end of the clips. Wrap the handle of the crossbow with floss for easier grip and a cool look, and you are done!

Build a whole army of crossbows! Please use these responsibly, and do not shoot at people's faces or at animals. I found qtips work well for non-injuring ammo!

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