Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Yesterday was a beautiful day! Sunny and warm with little wind. I decided to go birdwatching and brought the camera along. :) I saw robins, chickadees, rock doves/pigeons and northern flickers! I am trying to learn how to identify birds by sound...the best way is to listen for a sound and look for the bird that is making it! I spent about a half an hour trying to find a woodpecker just by it's woodpecking...finally found it! It was a male northern flicker looking for lunch. :) I also got some good pictures of some Rock Doves...Doves are one of my favorite birds! There are 2 pairs that nest in our hay barn that always fly away whenever people come near...I climbed on top of they bales and waiting for them to come back, which they did, but they flew back out before I got a picture of them and didn't come back. I am going to try again sometime soon.

 My favorite picture...

 Hello kitty. :)

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