Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Old Sweater Refashion

I can't wait for fall. Sweaters and hot cocoa, crisp mornings, beautiful colors. Unfortunately, I still have at a whole week to wait! :) However, it's not too soon to start fall clothing shopping, or, refashioning! I have a couple sweaters from last year that will need some help in order to be wearable. I started today with a sweater that is a gorgeous color, but the neckline said, "old". Of course, I forgot to take a before picture!

  • Old sweater
  • Your choice of fabric measuring 12" X 40"

Finished product!

Start by cutting a v-neck into the front of the sweater. (Make sure it's ONLY the front. I accidently cut through both layers but managed to save it!) 

Gather the 2 short edges and 1 long edge of your fabric. Hem the other long edge.

Pin your fabric to your sweater right sides facing. Start by matching 1 short edge to the V of the 
v-neck, leaving about 4 inches of sweater from the shoulder as pictured. Make sure the hemmed edge is facing up.

Once it is all pinned, sew!

Bring the short edge that is has not been sewn down to the 4" of sweater left. Sew together, right sides together.

Now, there will be a V where the fabric is not yet connected. Measure 5" from the center of the V and pin, right sides together. Sew and you're done! 

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