Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY "I'm Late Anway!" Clock

Confession: I'm late to things. A lot. Even if by just a couple minutes. The only times I'm on time is when my brother is with me, because he is ALWAYS early, AT LEAST on time!! I thought this little project was quite fitting for me:

Materials needed:

  • Canvas (I used 8x10)
  • Paints in 2 or more colors
  • Mod Podge
  • Brushes
  • Clock kit (You could just paint on the hands if you don't have a clock kit.)

With a ruler and compass, cut out a hole in the very middle of your canvas. Check you clock kit for the right size. (Mine was 1/2 inch.)

Paint the background of your canvas. This can be just solid color, a design, or a scene. I thought the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland might be fun. :)

Once your background is dry, paint the words "Whatever, I'm late anyway" In one corner. 

Add the numbers 1-12 in a mish mash order around the rest of the canvas. They can be spread out like mine, heaped in a corner, or in a circle like usual but out of order.

Once the numbers and words are COMPLETELY dry, add a layer of mod podge. 

Once mod podge is dry, assemble your clock kit per directions in kit or paint on your hands. 

Isn't it cute?! I hung mine up right beside our door to give me a smile as I'm rushing out the door...hopefully on time. :)

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