Monday, October 19, 2015

How to rescue a too big shirt

Lately I've been digging around in the basement and finding lots of old clothing that I can refashion into something totally new! I recently found this plaid shirt that was obviously a men's shirt. I really liked the faded look of it though, and wanted it for myself. SO with only 2 quick seams I transformed it into something super cute!

I'm using this technique with a button down shirt in this tutorial, but you can also use it on plain pullover shirts too.

Measure how much you need to trim and where. I needed about 2 inches at about rib height. Mark on the inside of your shirt. Starting at the bottom corner, free hand a slightly curved line, tapering in, then curve back out to the armpit as in the picture. You can see that I took a little bit of width off the sleeve too.

Sew up your line then cut off extra fabric. See the difference?! Repeat on other side and you're done!

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